Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh my Goodness...It has been a long time....We have been busy with LIFE....I am going to try to get better with my postings....In the mean time....I am adding some pictures of my Halloween pieces I have been collecting this year from several talented artists...With the newest addition being my very 1st Johanna Parker piece....The artist's include...Janet McCarter at Bells and Bones, Laurie Hardin at Monkey-Cats Studio, Janell Berryman at Pumpkinseeds, Dani at Ambitions Design, Brandi at She's off her Rocker, Spooky TIme Jingles Artists, and NOW Johanna Parker at Johanna Parker Design...They are all so talented and kind....So take a look at their art...I know it will be as pleasing to your eyes and heart as it is mine.....
P.S. I have been blogging....just saving them as drafts so...I posted them all at one time (I am such a goof) who knows what they say...



  1. How sweet are you to post all of us on your blog!!! I'm sorry I haven't been over to visit nose has been in clay and paint! Well, I'd better get back to work!
    THANK YOU so much Amy!!

  2. Ah how sweet are you! I found your blog and can see you are indeed a Halloween folk art fan :) I am in such amazing company. You have a great collection Amy!!!