Thursday, May 28, 2009

I received the most wonderful post card from Robert at
Robert and I share a love for Halloween as do many of our artist friends...Go check out Robert's blog...You will love his collection of Original Halloween pieces...I have attached a picture of my little witch postcard...I know your wondering how I became so lucky, to have received this piece...Well, I will tell you...I was one of the lucky 1st five to leave a post on Robert's blog...He was having a Pay-It-Forward Giveaway....So now it is your turn....The first 5 posts I receive will receive AAAAA...Halloween Tombstone Ornament for their very own Halloween Tree...All we ask is upon receiving your gift that you pass along the same Pay-It-Forward giveaway...You can give anything away...big or small...HALLOWEEEN or not....Just have fun and Pay-It-Forward...

Remember 1st five posts...Please leave an email address, so that I can get your address to mail your gift..


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  1. Oh Amy this is so cool, I love your papermache art! Thanks so much for including my art on your blog. Looking forward to seeing you Saturday too!