Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hello....We are now proud bloggers.

We are two GREAT friends and a mom....(We could not do anything without Niki's mom Wanda...who is precious) who are setting out on an adventure to create and share what we love to do and collect with everyone. We create (after much help from Wanda) garden troughs...It started out as me (Amy) just wanting some in my yard after seeing Niki, Wanda and our friend Janet's gardens...They are beautiful....WEEEELLLLLL......Niki says "OH we can make those"...and Yes we did.....We have been so blessed to have people wanting them for Weddings, Wedding Showers and their gardens....So I have yet to put one in my yard....However we have had the best time creating something someone loves so much....They last for years....and get even more beautiful over time. We make our with stronger materials so that they can last through the winters without ever being brought in. We have a local nursery carrying our garden troughs...Holden's Nursery....But our love is to put on Garden Shows....We host two or three a year. Please let us know what you think.....

Amy and Niki