Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New kid on the block

Janet McCarter is an artist here in Tn.. She's truly one of the sweetest people Ever...I met Janet through my best Friend Niki and her Mom Wanda.... Janet and her Daughter Kim have been artists for years. However are new to the blog world...They have an art sale each fall. The first year I went...Niki said we will get there about 9am and the doors open at 10am. I thought.." okay an hour early"...Well, we were not 1st in line... This is a show they put on in their homes.....Anyway, I have added some of my pieces from them....I will try to add some of Niki's as she has been collecting their art for many years longer than me...Please check out Janet's blog at http://bellsandbones.blogspot.com/. She would love to hear from you...
:) Amy

"Making Friends"

I just have to share...I got to meet one of my most favorite and talented artists...Brandi from http://shesoffherrocker.blogspot.com/ . She was so sweet and humble. I just loved her...Our meeting was brief due to our busy Saturday schedules, but we agreed to get together and to bring the children to meet. She brought me the most wonderful Halloween Lamp...Everyone who has seen it, wants it...These pictures are not just...

Niki and I hope to have a batch of mushrooms reading soon..Stay tuned.